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Unusual Events Get Reported

News Flash

Google auto-corrects "soothing headline" because there's no such thing. News is all about what isn't typical: natural disasters, plagues, wars, scandals, fires, crimes, celebrity, breakthroughs, and sometimes even achievements of merit. Then of course there are weathermen, poor souls, forced to peddle temperature averages as news. But except with weather, soothing events are not news. Your heart beats, you blink, the sun shines, the wind blows, the earth is stable under your feet. Yawn! The everyday miraculous.

Don't Worry Too Much

Calm Flowchart

I used to read old newspapers, my then neighbor Ernest had 50+ years of them stacked neatly in his tidy, brimming, garage. History offers exotic, non-threatening news, whatever the disaster or threat, no action can be taken, beyond taking a lesson. Most worry is wasted, it just gets the target wrong. Nobody can predict tomorrow, and so it's easy to fill today with anxiety. So I'm reminding you, feel free to slow down; walk at your own pace; speak slowly, savor it. Tomorrow will be along directly.



Don't be a layabout mind, but take a break from life's immediacy. Chances are, whatever the urgency, you can spare a moment of contemplation. Consider the fanciful; frolic! Remember that the world turned before you acquired your worries. Outside the realm of your cares there are wonders, hopes, loves and inspirations--these are things worth your tending.

Tranquilitas in crisis


Calm comes consciously, while fear, panic, and anxiety come unbidden and in response to unusual events: news for example. Seldom do they print anxiety retractions.


Embrace Inspiration

Every day the world sees a million quiet acts of kindness, and if the birds had an oral history, they would remind us. Until then, consider yourself reminded, whether you find your peace within or without, revel in your time.

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