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Friends, back in March we closed to help control the spread of COVID-19.

We miss you, and we're so grateful for the many kind calls and well wishes. To those of you who have bought retail from us and gift cards, we're so thankful for your support. Rene is always happy to take your calls and help you get what works.

A few of you have expressed some dismay and even anger because we are not available for services yet and we are not making exceptions. We're sorry for that, please know it's not personal.

We care about your safety, we care about our safety. We do not want to compete with hospitals and first line care workers for Personal Protective Equipment which is already in short supply.

Guidance from WA State today requires provider: to wear an N95 or surgical mask and a face shield, gloves, and other PPE, and requires a client to: wear a mask whenever possible, limit mask removals and not speak when uncovered to prevent aerosol, and not to linger or touch anything. With this updated guidance from September 18th, re-opening is possible but difficult to justify.

Since March we've watched: the W.H.O. lose U.S. funding, the C.D.C. issue and retract guidance, the F.D.A. change leadership, WA State change its safe start metrics and guidelines, and COVID-19 spread in City, County, Nation and World. We've seen many fellow Americans die, and we've seen some other fellow Americans turn away from doing the least they can do to keep others safe in the name of...freedom?

So while we do feel free to re-open, and while we've developed a plan and prepared to do so, we choose to wait until good science can help us do it right.

Please be patient and stay safe out there.