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The Role of the Esthetician

An esthetician is a care giver and an educator. An esthetician does not diagnose but recognizes common skin conditions through training and experience. The services provided by an esthetician are great for relaxation and the appearance of some common conditions like acne. But an esthetician really shines at teaching the client how to perform great self-care and how to keep improving long-term. If you've gone to the Spa and left bewildered, you should reconsider a return, a great Spa experience gives you the tools you'll need to keep looking great.

Thirty years ago, only a dermatologist could perform microdermabrasion and chemical peels; ten years ago only a doctor or trained nurse could operate a skincare laser. Today these technologies belong at least in part to the esthetician and master esthetician (in Washington) and it seems to be the way of things. Bleeding edge skin technologies are explored in the most clinical and supervised setting first, then slowly they trickle out to the Day Spas and some of them even jump into home treatments.

The Value of the Esthetician

If you want to run the bleeding edge of the beauty and cosmetic surgery gamut, you're probably best served by a doctor. However the bleeding edge of the beauty industry is no kind of place to be. If you follow trends, you're going to have your feet eaten by fish, your head pumped with botulism, and you're going to be risking your health for your vanity.

By contrast, services performed by estheticians are those which have stood the test of time. You can be assured not only that the procedure you're getting has been scrutinized by the state board of health, but also that the care facility has been inspected, and the provider has been trained in universal and standard precautions, and knows how to provide the treatment safely. Best of all, you're going to be getting the treatment that survived the bleeding edge trials, and proved itself safe, and you're going to get it at a cost that won't break the bank.

The Cost of the Esthetician

Have you ever noticed on the The Simpsons how they can make a joke about the crappy economy and how it's always applicable even though its a re-run from 20 years ago? Money is often tight for everyone and this often tempts people to cut some corners when it comes to beauty treatments. With stores full of cheap DIY beauty gear promising safe and effective results, you cannot be blamed for thinking the Spa is needlessly expensive and that you don't need an expert to help you.

I'm not saying you're wrong but hear me when I tell you, the risk is often not worth it. If you're prepared to deal with severe allergic reactions, chemical burns, product spills, electrocution, burns, bleeding, etc and you know what I mean when I talk about universal precautions, you should consider becoming an esthetician. You're still not approved to do your own home care services.

Haha Funny Man

Lash and brow tinting can permanently blind you if done improperly or with the wrong products. Electrolysis and waxing done wrong can leave you with permanent burn marks and scarring. Even things like sharing cosmetics or using stale products can lead to some really serious infections, especially around the eye area. Beauty treatments are no laughing matter and if you take just a few minutes to look at their history, you'll find that they have historically led to some serious--and tragically--avoidable injuries.

If you care enough about your body to want it to look especially beautiful, take the time to give it the safe care it deserves.

I'm as DIY as they come

I pursued my interest in DIY beauty treatments long enough to understand the risks. Since opening Peach Willow Spa, I have seen clients come in with beauty wounds, they're shockingly common, and the saddest part is when the scarring and damage are permanent.

This week a client who has done self electrolysis on their face and legs and is covered with permanent pimple sized burn scars, came in to ask the electrologist for help--with her technique and home electrolysis unit. The client was inserting the electrolysis probe through their skin, instead of into the follicle pore, and pressing the probe in until they couldn't press it in further, then the client was holding the current button until they couldn't stand the burn anymore. The client insisted she couldn't afford professional care and had to do it herself. I struggled, wanting to help, but knowing the equipment and the manner she was using was never going to give her any results. A few days after the consultation, the same client called to haggle rates, a step in the right direction anyway. We suggested she shop around, I hope she finds good care she can afford.

We're here to help you with your questions and your problems and of one thing you can be sure, we care.

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