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Do you serve Men?

We offer skincare and hair removal services for everyone. Men are welcome. We don't serve men in the sense that you can get one on a bun with a side-order, and no we aren't grammar nazis we just think we're funny sometimes.

Why the blog post?

Because it frustrates me--Johnny, the male general manager, the long-time spa goer, and the shy person, that anyone should have to consider their welcome at the Spa. Day Spas have in the past tried to exclude by gender but we feel this is inappropriate, both men and women need skincare and hair removal services because both have skin and hair.

I feel vulnerable in the presence of X.

If you feel this way, we respect your view, tell us and we'll make sure we book you accordingly. We want all of our clients to feel at ease and want you to know, whoever you are, you're a-okay with us.

I am in transition and want to be treated as Y.

We're all about your comfort and we'll treat you tactfully. Be welcome, be delighted, we care.

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