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You want how much for that?

Walgreens sells skincare products that are good, we love some of the Aveeno line but sanity applies: you get what you pay for.

How do I know what I'm paying for?

It's all on the label. When reading product labels, the rule is, the ingredients are listed by volume so what's first in the list is the main ingredient and what comes next is the second most by volume. Go ahead and find your favorite skincare product, I'll wait...

You mean I paid $9.99 for water?

Well it's not all water, it's just mostly water, and remember--so are you. Skin looks most appealing when it's hydrated and here's proof. But water isn't an active ingredient, alone it would quickly evaporate, but formulated correctly it will cling to the body longer and serve to deliver the active ingredients.

Oh active ingredients eh, wut?

The FDA's definition reveals that active ingredients have a direct effect. It's this direct effect that makes them sought after and often makes great advertising copy.

Does the FDA evaluate advertising copy?

Nope, that's the FTC's job and they don't do it. But at least once a product has undergone FDA approval as either an over-the-counter (OTC) or Non-prescription Drug product you can assume a few things. Here's the FDA's own guide, it reveals there are two paths for approval and the differences between. Here is the most illustrative slide.

NDA vs. OTC path

Beyond GRAS

Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is the byword for the FDA. Now, if you have sensitive skin or some medical conditions, you're on your own for GRAS, even water isn't safe for everyone. But the FDA does a pretty good job of making sure what's in the general market is safe and that active ingredients go through some kind of vetting, but that's where it all ends for the FDA. If skincare lines were roller-coasters they'd want to make sure your hands and arms were inside the car at all times and so long as you survive the ride intact they'd be happy.

The Professional Edge, WHEE!!! (arms up!)

Performance! The professional formulator knows all the FDA approved ingredients, active and otherwise, and the best professionals set out to turbo charge them--by finding effective dosages and taking advantage of combined effects--and race them off against each other. VROOOOM....VROO--er... Ah--I mean the FDA defines the color palette with which the professional formulation artist shall create their masterpiece...vroom.

Spotting the best formulations

It's tough and involves a lot of research, education, and comparison, coincidentally those are characteristics of the best product formulators as well. We sell DermaQuest because they are innovators who do more than formulate; they research and their products are consistently high quality. Most importantly, they use active ingredients in a good quantity rather than just a drop so they can put it on the label and advertise it. We also offer stand-out products from other skincare lines and can help you get the right products even if you only shop at Walgreens.

It's not about skin, it's about your skin

Every facial service includes time to consult with the esthetician about the latest and greatest buzz in skincare. Remember that you have friends in the business and we'll do your homework for you and let you check our work, heck we'll even carry your books 'cause you so nice. We handle special needs skincare questions every day and we can help you with yours too. Come see us!

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