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Lash & Brow Tinting Guide


Tinting services of the lash and brow were once done with the same product used to dye hair on the head. As a child I often watched my elder sisters dye their brows with drugstore haircolor--a practice which has been illegal since 1938.

Hair-dyes have been prohibited for coloring eyelashes and eyebrows, because hair-dyes use peroxide as a developer in typical strengths of 20-40% peroxide. Peroxide is a serious eye-irritant which can damage the cornea and even cause blindness.


Hair color that lasts. Tinting gives permanent color results, if your goal is temporary color, try cosmetics.

The FDA does not approve ANY product for the job

Read the FDA's eye cosmetic safety guide and specific warning regarding banned products containing coal tar. Because the FDA has not approved any product for the purpose, states have made their own rules regarding tinting. It is legal in Washington for a properly trained and licensed esthetician to provide tinting services for hair-not-on-the-scalp using a product specifically formulated for that purpose in accordance with RCW 18.16.020(26)-(27).

We use multiple brands of tint to offer you a wide color selection. Every tint we offer is formulated for the eye area and uses low strength (3-6%) peroxide developer.

Operator Skill Matters

Relax, tinting is well-tolerated by most. It's important you know the risks but doubly important that your service provider know them.

To give you the safest service, we always screen for problems with a patch test of the color and developer. A drop of the mix is applied to your forearm and your reaction is charted. A reaction to the product is a contraindication for this service.

During the tint service we keep you sitting up and the esthetician stays with you, with saline flush on hand, during the entire development process (10-20 minutes). Good technique and a good product--which goes on as a non-drip paste--keeps everything out and away from your sensitive eyes. If you wear contacts, plan on taking them out before service begins. You can put them back immediately after.

Beware operators who do not patch test first as this is the #1 cause of problems in tinting services.

Beware operators that have you lie down for a tint as this increases the likelihood the product will get into your eye.

Beware operator inexperience, klutziness, and any provider who leaves you during the service.

Post-treatment care

Keep eyes clean and away from irritants as normal, chlorine in pools and hot tubs, acid lotions, and prolonged sun exposure may cause lightening of your color. Otherwise, no special post-treatment is required. You may wear your contacts immediately afterwards.

Irritation during or after this treatment is NOT normal. Any irritation should be reported immediately. Flush the irritated eye with sterile saline or warm water.

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