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Eyebrow Embroidery: also called microblading, microstroking, and feather-touch, is a special kind of tattooing. It is temporary, typical results last ten months to a year for the initial service but can last three to five years when enhanced by retouch services.

Our Brow Set includes one enhancement session. This enhancement is typically done within a month of the initial service. Refine your look with confidence, we know your brows need to be just right!

We recommend an annual enhancement thereafter if you'd like to keep your look for years. Every enhancement is a chance to retouch and renew, and we're always here to help you in your quest for brow-perfection.

Brow Embroidery
Hair anywhere
Long lasting
..or temporary you choose
Mild discomfort
Conceals Alopecia

Some medications
Some skin conditions
Retin-A or Renova

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