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Why a Peach Willow Facial?

Beyond Johnny's Wikipedia definition of facial, what is a facial service at Peach Willow Spa? Will we give you a great facial? Yes, but what do we mean by that? Will you be more comfortable here than...well anywhere else...yes, but why?

I always start with some Q&A time. It's a chance for me to get to know you and your needs and a chance for you to ask what's uppermost on your mind too. During this time we'll identify problems, make goals, and talk out our plans. I'll also have a look at you with the mag-lamp and the Wood's lamp (a black light), some skin conditions are readily identified this way.

I have a lot of great tools and the experience to use them well, years of training and years of practice. Facials all include a cleanse step but what kind of cleansing step we'll do depends on you. Sometimes I open pores with steam and hot towels, but if you're sensitive to heat I might use an enzyme peel instead. I take care of any comedones (black and whitehead pimples) with an extraction loop, but I also have a microdermabrasion wand with a facial vacuum to use if needed. When I extract bacteria from your pores, I do it after opening the pore, after softening the sebum within, and I use a clean technique to catch it on gauze so the bacteria isn't spread to any other pores. Getting control of p. acne bacteria will bring dramatic results to sufferers of acne vulgaris.

I'm often asked about toners and I use one in almost every facial. Facial toner in the simplest sense is water made to be the same pH as your skin so that when I'm through deep-cleaning your pores, I can put your skin back to the same acidity it tends to be naturally. This is oversimplified as toners also usually contain vitamins and active ingredients which do more than just restore pH but all toners are pH balanced. This is vital to a healthy acid mantle, your skin's acid mantle helps defend you from cooties. Doing too much cleansing without toners can lead to drying and more wrinkling and other skin problems. If you aren't using a toner in your routine, let's talk some more about it together as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how little it takes to make a big difference. To the gentlemen among you, men have different pH needs, but I have toners formulated just for you.

If your goals include skin-resurfacing, my diamond-tipped microderm wand or one of the many chemical exfoliants are the best tools. Advanced training in chemical peels allows me to pick the right tool here. Microderm is a no go for people with rosacea but they can still have an enzymatic treatment.

The shortest facial I do takes a half-hour and that's time enough for a regular european style facial that hits the problems, keeps you balanced and gives you reliably presentable, fresh and glowy, well-conditioned skin. But—if you want the Spa Day experience--choose a luxury facial. With the extra-time I can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin and make you feel great too, refreshed, relaxed, pampered. You'll never regret giving yourself the extra time.

Some clients ask questions about everything, some want to see what comes out of their pores, others really do not want to know what's coming out of their pores and just want to relax, quietly. It's all good, I am at your service and I want you to have a wonderful Spa experience. I strive for five star service because that's what we all want, especially in personal care, professional, discrete, comfortable, valuable service.

A Peach Willow Spa facial is special because we work hard to make it that way for you by listening and going the extra-mile. Schedule one with me today and I'll show you.

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