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Yay graphs!

Profit and Earnings Graph

We are most grateful for the friends we've made in 2014. If you came and saw us, thank you!

What we learned

So much! We have to take it by sections!

Rebook & Remind

Surprisingly, many people forget their appointments without a reminder notice. A reminder notice within 24 hours of an appointment will significantly reduce this problem. Don't waste your time getting bent out of shape over missed appointments, be constructive, remember erasers on pencils, meetings are always hard to schedule, always. Engage with clients; clients appreciate flexibility and tact, nobody wastes time lightly. Well not nobody, but that brings me to...

You can't please everyone

Oy, try though you may. The truism applies to business owners too. Not something you want to hear as a patron from a business owner. But person to person, 'tis true. We had a couple clients of note this year: one who bickered for discounts on every service just because--hey!, another, who never actually showed, scheduled and rescheduled the same appointment until the schedule threw a shoe and had to be shot. But these are exceptions, the vast majority of clients are awesome, and that brings me to...

You can delight a few

Regular customers, repeat customers, keep us in business. They meet us, they try us out, they like us, they tell someone or just come and see us again. In the best of cases, they come reliably, they become friends, the business learns and grows from them. You don't need thousands of clients or all the clients, just some good regulars.


We expected more teens and more males to come see us, not yet. We were overwhelmed by businesses in the business of helping businesses do business. If I had a client for every sales call... Could we have grown more if we'd spent more on: allies, glossies, or more press? That's a great question, let me get my crystal ball, wait that's a magic eight ball, I don't know!

Rewards come

Offer value and as our earliest blog entry foretold, good businesses grow with time. Hang in there!

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