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What is "it?"

Pain Cycle

"It" is in Room 101, "it" is your fear. I have been asked "Does it hurt?" where "it" is a facial, a wax, a chemical peel, or an electrolysis permanent hair removal session. As widely variable as those treatments are, people's pain tolerances are even more variable. We encourage you to voice your concerns because dispelling fear reduces pain tremendously.

For some: "Pain Don't Hurt"

For others it really does, and when it's not just a case of mind over matter, you'll need some relief and we have you covered.

Meet Numb Master

Numb Master Lidocaine 5%

Your skin is packed with cutaneous receptors that sense: touch, pressure, vibration, temperature and pain. We use lidocaine to soothe skin pain, and Numb Master is a maximum strength product in our arsenal. While we also use other formulations, including a spray-on lidocaine 4%, we find the 5% solution in Numb Master eases the discomfort of electrolysis for even our most sensitive clients.

We Care

The majority of our clients exclaim what a lovely time they spend here with us. We care about your comfort and encourage you to relax.

Spa Home > Backstage Blog > Does It Hurt?