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We love the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

Salux Bathing Cloth

Mr. Bond, in Japan: shower come first, bath come second. While we don't often find the time to: shower, soak, then bathe, then polish, we have built a few extra minutes into our showering routine because it is worth it!

Salux Bathing Strip

Dramatically smoother skin is attainable

If you have rough patches, dry skin flakes, or if you'd like softer and smoother skin texture, this is something that can really help. We sell them--with change for your tenner--and gift them to clients who get a body scrub or wrap. One-up on the loofah, they are long strips of textured nylon that do not grow mold at their core like those little drugstore puffs and can even be laundered (don't put it in the dryer though). Their length allows you to easily scrub your back and other hard to reach spots.

Superior Exfoliation

Oh--I mean polish, don't scrub: the nylon texture is a fine quality and doesn't feel too abrasive but consistent soft polishing is all you'll need. It is fine enough to use on the face. If you have time, a soak in a warm bath is the ideal start, but you may also use it in the shower--we do. This cloth spreads suds easily, so a little product goes a long way, just squeeze a few times and you're set. It rinses very easily and doesn't retain product like a puff or natural sponge, just rinse it and hang it up to air-dry. Giving it a machine wash is fine and one cloth will last you a long time. It's the least expensive, most effective, single best product we love to love; body products come and go but this one has been in our routine for a decade and we love it as much today as the day we discovered it.

I am a crocodile, will this work for me?

It'll help, start with it and be consistent and you'll be surprised. The big guns like body resurfacing treatments are here for you if you need them. Chronic rough skin, even chicken skin can be improved on; so don't settle for it. Skincare products work best when the skin is well-exfoliated.

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